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Bay Area Volunteer Lawyers Program

Pro Bono Cases Available for Volunteers

Thank you for your interest in providing pro bono services. This page contains case summaries for clients whose cases are pending referral to a pro bono attorney for a consultation. The pro bono attorney determines whether representation will be provided once the consultation is completed.  If you are interested in accepting a pro bono case, please contact our Case Referral Manager, Elva N. Kennis, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

When you accept a pro bono case, Stetson Law School or Cooley Law School students are willing and ready to assist you, whether it be with research, writing, drafting or other legal work under your supervision. If you are interested in having a Stetson law student assist you with your pro bono case, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and if you are interested in having a Cooley law student assist you with your pro bono case, please email Laura Bare at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The following is a list of summaries of cases pending placement with a pro bono attorney. To accept a pro bono case for consultation and possible representation, you must be 1) an attorney in good standing with The Florida Bar and 2) you must complete and submit the BAVLP online registration form if you have not already done so. Please select “Case Referral” when indicating your preference for pro bono service.



Case # 18-xxxx4629 (Support)
Our disabled, unemployed client seeks enforcement of her Divorce decree from May 2018. The client was awarded 50% of her husband’s 401K. The OP has refused to provide client with the necessary information as ordered so that she can have a QDRO prepared. Client needs assistance with enforcing the final judgment and preparation of a QDRO so that she can receive her portion of the benefits. Volunteer attorney needed to represent client in the process.


Case # 18-xxx0629 (Guardian Advocate)
Our client seeks assistance with being appointed guardian of her developmentally disabled adult daughter. She has cerebral palsy and functions at the level of a twelve year old. Client is her primary caretaker and the father has no involvement or communication with her whatsoever. Client does not have any felony convictions but does have a criminal record from over ten years ago. Volunteer attorney needed to consult with client and determine if she would be a good candidate and represent her in the court process.

Case # 18-xxx4075 (Guardian Advocacy)
Our client seeks assistance in becoming guardian advocate for her developmentally disabled 18-year-old daughter. Client’s daughter suffers from severe Autism and functions on the level of a 10-year-old child. Her daughter is non-verbal but is able to communicate her likes and dislikes via non-verbal communication. Client is divorced from daughter’s father but he is involved in her life and would not contest guardianship. Volunteer attorney needed to represent client in this proceeding.


Case # 18-xxx3288 (Taxes)
Client came in for assistance with a tax issue. She failed to report taxable income and then amended her taxes incorrectly thereafter. Client has paid on the debt twice and was informed she still owes thousands more. After speaking with the IRS she was told there were no records of the payments made. Volunteer attorney needed to assist client with resolving the matter.


Case #18-xxx2218 (Probate)
Client's mother passed away intestate. Her mother was divorced at the time of her passing. Client has 2 siblings. Client is disabled and so are her two siblings. Their mother has a bank account with less than $5,000 in it. Client needs assistance in filing a Summary Administration to distribute such funds between her and her siblings.

Case # 18-xxx1969 (Probate) (No Place Like Home)
Disabled client needs to know his rights and remedies regarding probate of deceased mother’s estate and questionable conveyances of two parcels of land allegedly made by his mother to his two brothers approximately one month prior to her death. Third brother is deceased with unknown heirs. Each parcel has two structures on it. Mother died intestate in 2016. Dementia was one of 3 causes of death. Mother owned one-half interest in a third parcel and there is possibility of ownership of additional parcels. Client resides in one of two structures on one parcel and would like to move into mother’s homestead. Pro bono attorney needed to investigate, assess and determine remedies and impact on client’s SSI/Medicaid benefits. Attorney to determine if this is fee generating. Reimbursement of pre-approved costs will be provided.

Case #18-xxx4929 (Probate)
Our client’s mother passed away intestate in August 2018. She left behind a bank account and a certificate of deposit totaling around three thousand dollars. The heirs consist of the client, her brother and two deceased siblings, one of which had three children. Client paid for the funeral expenses and is seeking reimbursement. Volunteer attorney is needed to consult with the client to determine if a Disposition without Administration is possible and represent her in the court process

Case # 18-xxx5578 (Probate) (No Place Like Home)
Working mom with minor child is sole beneficiary under godmother’s last will and testament. Deceased godmother did not have children and was not married at time of death. The home appears to be the only asset. Our client needs assistance with probating the will and getting title to the home placed in her name. Mortgage is current.

Case # 18-xxx1443 (No Place Like Home - Probate)
Widow with five children seeks title to deceased husband’s home. Husband died intestate over 2 years ago. His father deeded the home to him as a single man in 2006. Client and husband were married over 25 years.  Client needs title to home so she can make repairs to roof damage caused by Hurricane Irma.

Case # 18-XXX0672 (No Place Like Home-Probate)
Widowed senior residing with daughter and minor granddaughter seeks help with getting title to the home in which she has resided over 20 years. Client’s mother deeded the home to her son/client’s brother in 1998 and reserved a life estate for herself. Client’s brother predeceased the mother, survived by his wife and 3 children, all adults now. He died intestate. Oldest child is from client’s brother’s prior marriage. Client’s mother died intestate in 2015, leaving 6 children. Client has maintained the home and paid property taxes since 2015. Client’s sister-in-law has indicated in past that they are not opposed to client getting title to home. Client needs a consultation and representation in filing for probate of brother’s estate.

Updated 11/28/2018