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Thank you for your interest in providing pro bono services. This page contains case summaries for clients whose cases are pending referral to a pro bono attorney for a consultation. The pro bono attorney determines whether representation will be provided once the consultation is completed.  If you are interested in accepting a pro bono case, please contact our Case Referral Manager, Elva N. Kennis, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

When you accept a pro bono case, Stetson Law School or Cooley Law School students are willing and ready to assist you, whether it be with research, writing, drafting or other legal work under your supervision. If you are interested in having a Stetson law student assist you with your pro bono case, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and if you are interested in having a Cooley law student assist you with your pro bono case, please email Laura Bare at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The following is a list of summaries of cases pending placement with a pro bono attorney. To accept a pro bono case for consultation and possible representation, you must be 1) an attorney in good standing with The Florida Bar and 2) you must complete and submit the BAVLP online registration form if you have not already done so. Please select “Case Referral” when indicating your preference for pro bono service.



Case # 19-xxx5616 (Chapter 7 Bankruptcy – Disaster Relief)
Our disabled client seeks assistance with filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. The client was a victim of hurricane Irma in 2017 and his home's roof suffered damage. Following the storm, the client sustained severe injury when he fell from his roof while tending to the hurricane damage. Due to these injuries, client is now burdened with approximately $145k in medical bills that he is unable to pay with his extremely limited income. The client has not been served and there appears to be no pending lawsuit regarding the debts. Client seeks a consultation to determine his candidacy for filing a bankruptcy and potential representation.

Case #19-xxx1024 (Chapter 7 Bankruptcy)
Our disabled client has been experiencing financial difficulty. She has medical bills, credit cards, and a car deficiency that she cannot afford to pay back. Client is judgment proof; however, the situation is causing client additional stress and she is in need of relief from such stress. Client seeks a consultation regarding a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, as well as representation, if determined to be the best course of action for her.


Case # 19-xxx0700 (Adoption)
Our elderly, Spanish speaking only, client needs assistance with adopting her grandson. She was awarded sole legal and physical custody of him in a 2012 court order from Pennsylvania. The parents have not had any communication with the client or the child in the past 6 years. Client is unsure of their whereabouts and alleges they both suffer from drug addiction. Volunteer attorney needed to represent the client in the court process.


Case # 19-xxx9859 (Guardian Advocacy)
Our client is seeking Guardian Advocacy of her developmentally disabled adult daughter. The intended ward suffers from Autism and OCD. Client wants to become appointed her guardian advocate. Volunteer attorney is needed to represent the client in the court proceedings.

Case # 19-xxx0926 (Guardian Advocacy)
Our clients are seeking Guardian Advocacy of their developmentally disabled adult son. The intended ward suffers from Autism and Down Syndrome. He recently turned 18 and the clients would like to be able to make all his necessary decisions. The parties are seeking to become appointed co-guardian advocates. Volunteer attorney is needed to represent the clients in the court proceedings.


Case #19-xxx3970 (Advanced Directives)
Our disabled client needs assistance with an Advanced Directives matter. She recently suffered a heart attack and is in need of a Health Care Surrogate. Her adult daughters have been assisting her and she wants to ensure they are able to legally make decisions if needed. Client has also decided she does not want to be kept alive artificially. Volunteer attorney needed to assist client with drafting the requisite documents.

Case #19-xxx3548 (Consumer Law/Contracts)
Our client purchased a rather old vehicle with a 28% interest rate. Client has receipts which demonstrate that she paid over $1,400 as a down payment. The purchase agreement does not reflect the entire down payment. Client was extremely confused by the contract and it was clear from her income that she could not afford the bi-weekly payments she agreed to. The contract is not dated and client states that the terms are different than what she understood the agreement to be. The vehicle has since been repossessed. Client is a single mother and needs a vehicle to care for her children. Client would like to dispute the terms of the contract and she would like her down payment returned to her.

Case # 19-xxx6125 (FEMA Assistance Appeal)
Our disabled client seeks assistance with appealing his FEMA assistance determination, or in the alternate, seeking supplemental reimbursement for damage sustained to his home. The client was a victim of hurricane Irma in 2017 and his home's roof suffered damage. Following the storm, the client applied for FEMA assistance and was awarded an amount that was not sufficient to cover the repairs needed for his roof. The home still suffers from roof damage, and the client has noted continued roof leaking and mold growth as a result. The client has very limited income entirely based on selling his plasma. The client seeks a consultation to determine his candidacy for a FEMA appeal and representation for filing an appeal or seeking supplemental funding from FEMA.


Case # 18-xxx3493 (Probate) (No Place Like Home)
Disabled client seeks help with probate of intestate father’s estate so she can get title to the home in which she has resided for over 10 years. Father had 6 children: one whose whereabouts are unknown and 3 of whom are deceased with surviving children. Client’s father died in 2018. Client’s mother died in 2015. Client has paid property taxes and paid for improvements to the home. Roof damage became worse after Hurricane Irma. Once she gets title she may qualify for local home repair assistance program(s). Client believes her siblings will not contest her petition.

Case # 19-xxx9821 (Mobile Home Title)(No Place Like Home/NPLH)
Our disabled, Spanish-speaking, client lives in a mobile home with her adult daughter and minor grandchild. The mobile home was purchased by her son with client’s monies in 2014 and was titled solely in her son’s name. Client has maintained the mobile home and paid lot rent. Her son died in 2017, within a month of moving in with client. Son’s only heir is his widow, who returned to Puerto Rico shortly after the funeral services under less than amiable circumstances. The widow has no interest in the mobile home and has not communicated with our client. Our client needs help with locating her son’s widow. Client has last known addresses for her. Client needs to obtain latter’s consent to serve as her attorney-in-fact under POA for purposes of transferring mobile home title under Hillsborough County Tax Collector and FL Dept. of Highways and Motor Vehicles administrative process. Otherwise, may need assistance with probate of son’s estate to obtain title to the mobile home.

Case # 17-xxx6818 (No Place Like Home-Mobile Home Title)
Spanish-speaking client seeks help with clearing title to mobile home that she purchased in 2017. The seller was not aware that he was not the titled owner to the mobile home. The title to the home was lost years ago.  The mobile home is registered to two individuals not known to client. Search for vehicle information indicates 5 outstanding liens that are over 30 years old. Client had hurricane damage and was unable to get FEMA assistance due to lack of title. Volunteer attorney needed to assist with obtaining a declaratory judgment regarding title and removal of the liens.


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