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Board of Directors

Members of Bay Area Legal Services' Board serve as ambassadors, educating the community and building relationships that support our mission.  Fiduciary duties include financial and program oversight, and broad policy-making.  The Board is composed of 21 members selected and appointed by a variety of organizations and agencies.  Board members serve three-year terms and participate in quarterly Board meetings.

Federal regulations require that the Board consist of at least 60% attorneys, and 30% clients who are eligible for services at the time of appointment.  Additional regulations require that attorney appointments be made by bar associations representing a majority of the attorneys practicing in the communities where BALS provides services.

Join our Board and guide BALS in a fiduciary role while serving as our ambassador in the community.  Board members include attorneys and representatives from client-based organizations.

Current Board members are:


Chair: Dionne M. Blaesing
Chair-Elect: Gwynne Young
Treasurer: Leslie Schulz-Kin
Secretary: Kathleen Kloiber Koch


Board Members

Michael Bedke
Morgan R. Bentley
Megan Childers
Staci K. Chisholm
Cynthia Davis-Gryce
Wendy DePaul
Staci K. Chisholm
Vivian Cortes Hodz
Valorie Hoppenworth
David T. Knight
Nilza Kunak
Sara Alpert Lawson
Yolanda V. Lee
Paul Martinez
Andrew O'Malley
Yohance Pettis
Barbara Williams
Sarah E. Williams

The organizations that appoint Board members are:

Hillsborough County Bar Association
Sarasota County Bar Association
St. Petersburg Bar Association
West Pasco County Bar Association
Bay Area Legal Services Board of Directors

Catholic Charities
Community Action Stops Abuse (CASA)
West Central Florida Area Agency Area on Aging
Salvation Army Domestic Violence Shelter – West Pasco County
The Spring of Tampa Bay
Tampa Lighthouse for the Blind

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